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Keynote Speaker at the International Grouse Symposium

This Friday I will be a closing keynote speaker at the International Grouse Symposium in Logan, Utah. The symposium meets every two years with top grouse researchers, ecologists, and managers from around the world. My program will highlight prairie grouse species that...

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Monarch Butterflies

  Monarch butterflies are definitely here. These chrysalises will become butterflies in a week before taking an incredible long journey south to Mexico for wintering. This is the high record I ever have chrysalises (17 with 3 more to pupate...

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Grand Prize in Indie Book Awards

“With gorgeous photographs by award-winning nature photographer Noppadol Paothong, this monumental book is a tribute to the sage grouse, a bird which is the subject of one of the largest conservation efforts in U.S. history. With engaging text...

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